Single shaft powerful shredder - MSD-1000

MSD-1000 is Wei Sheng’s single-shaft small plastic shredder. It features a more compact size and simple structure (compared with the double-shaft models).
Model : MSD-1000

Small plastic shredder MSD-1000 has the motor of the estimated horsepower ranging from sixty to seventy-five. The high-torque gearbox allows the machine to process most plastic materials, both the softer ones and tougher ones, ensuring a promising shredding capability.

Its PLC control unit permits adjustment to the shredding power, speed, feed rate, etc. to cut different materials. In addition to the PLC control unit, the quick knife replacement further adds more versatility to the machine. Changing the cutter head with a specific knife configuration gives you the required shredding result. The time-saving changing mechanism leads to higher productivity in your shop. Scroll down to see more features of this small plastic shredder.

  • Single cutter head with multiple knives and the powerful motor with high-torque transmission ensures outstanding shredding capability.
  • Shredding size adjustment is available with the sieve screen.
  • Fast knife placement grants a convenient and time-saving setup.
  • The water-cooling system prevents the hydraulic power unit and the cutter head from overheating and thermal deformation.
  • PLC control unit allows the shredder to deal with various materials.
  • The hydraulic auto-feeding system permits fast infeed, leading to higher productivity.


Model Motor (HP) Inlet Dimn. (mm) Rotating Knife No. Fixed Knife No. Working capacity
MSD-700 40~50 700 x 650 39/52 4

Working capacity is dependent on material types and hole size of sieving screen.

MSD-1000 60~75 1000 x 650 60/80 6
MSD-1350 75~100 1350 x 1000 81/108 8
MSD-1700 125~150 1700 x 1000 102/136 10
MSD-2000 100 x 2 2000 x 1500 123/164 12
MSD-2500 125 x 2 2500 x 1500 153/204 14
MSD-3000 150 x2 3000 x 1500 186/248 18

* The above speciations subject to change without prior notice.