• Silent Granulator

Silent Granulator

Motor : 10~100HP
Infeed Opening : 350x260~1000x500mm
Production Rate : 200~1500kgs
Optional : 1.Blower 2.Cyclone separator
Model : WS-6038C


  • Oversized rotor assures powerful and smooth cutting performance.
  • Rotating and fixed knives are adjustable, and can be sharpened for repeatitive applications.
  • When material storage tank is full, the warning light flashed to alert the operator.
  • The soundproofing chamber is equipped with fan for air circulating efficiently, reducing inside temperature.
  • The front and back of soundproofing chamber are equipped with doors providing convenient interior cleaning and knife adjustment.
  • Emergency stop switch on the control box, combined with safety device on doors for comprehensive safety protection.
  • Sound proofing device ensures low noise and upgrades working environment quality.