Universal Powerful Granulator

WEI SHENG universal powerful granulator is designed for a variety of materials such as industrial cabling, automotive wiring harness, plastic bottle, etc. for recovering after shredding. These plastic bottle shredders and copper cable shredder machines adopt a unique cutting angle and provide up to 1500~2000/hr production rate for ensuring greater shearing force to cut them for the tiny pieces for processing cleaning and subsequent processing. Roller bearing with high rigid, lower vibration optimizes reducing noise and supports the stability during the copper shredder machine operating. Equipped with the cooling system controls the heat under a safe temperature to improve long service life. 

We stock in all kinds of cables granulators, copper wire granulators, and plastic bottle shredders as your recovery technical solutions. These granulators are available to adopt material blower, cyclone separator, and conveyor for optional
If you have any questions about the recycling systems and shredding machines, please contact us to help you find the best solution according to your requirements for different materials.