Powerful Shredder for plastic

Wei Sheng’s double-shaft shredder series for plastic features a high-torque and low-speed shredding capability. This machine has a relatively compact size compared with the standard models and is designed primarily to process plastic pieces. That said, its high-torque shredding capability allows this Small Plastic Granulator to process larger plastic pieces and non-plastic materials such as furniture made of wood and copper, cables, wires, aluminum cans, window panes, etc. It is called Copper Granulator or Cable Granulator as a result.

With the wide inlet, large items can be easily fed into the shredder. Inside the plastic granulator, there are two hex cutters that perform the shredding process. The hex cutter can shred materials into small scraps with sizes ranging from three to eight centimeters. Controlled by two high-torque shafts, the cutters are powerful enough to crush materials into smaller pieces. Besides small double-shaft plastic granulators, shredding machines in different sizes are also available.

If you should make any inquiries into the recycling system and shredding machines, please contact us right away. Wei Sheng can offer you the best solution that meets your actual requirements.