Silent Instant Recycling Granulator

The Plastic Bottle Crushing Machine plays a vital role in the plastic recycling and processing industry. The main task of the Bottle Crushers, as the name suggests, is to shred the plastic bottles. The purpose of using the bottle brusher is to downsize the product and turn it into the desired form. Depending on the material the crusher processes and the industries it is involved in, there are several features you should pay attention to, such as the processing capacity, noise level, torque, speed, etc.

Wei Sheng’s silent instant recycling granulator is the plastic bottle crushing machine designed particularly for recycling operations. It can process almost all types (if not all) of plastic bottles in terms of materials, including PET, HDPE, PP, PVC, to name a few. Some often refer to this machine as PET Bottle Crusher. Implementing a case with the sound-absorbing material in the interior to insulate the noise, Wei Sheng’s silent PET bottle crusher maintains a low noise level.

Our plastic bottle crushing machine also features replaceable cutting knives, space-saving design, and mobility. The knife determines the size of the output plastic scraps. It allows for more versatility to the machine in terms of applications. The machine has a relatively small configuration compared with the standard consoles, which saves more space for your shop. What’s more, the plastic bottle crushing machine features caster wheels. With mobility comes excellent flexibility. It fits into different setups and equipment easily.

If you should make any inquiries into the recycling system and shredding machines, please contact us right away. Wei Sheng can offer you the best solution that meets your actual requirements.