Silent Granulator

Wei Sheng’s Silent Plastic Granulator Machine features a low noise level owing to its soundproof design. The high-quality soundproof box can effectively occlude the noise generated during operation and therefore improve the working environment. The staff members at work no longer have to bear the noise. Without the noise, they are able to focus on their work more and the overall productivity is expected to improve.

In addition to the soundproof box, this silent plastic granulator machine is constructed with jumbo rotors. The rotors maintain a high power output, which ensures excellent performance, shredding materials into small even pieces as required. As the rotors operate, the ventilation system consisting of a set of fans dissipates the heat to improve the machine’s durability and prevent possible failures.

Wei Sheng not only values the Granulator Machine’s performance but also the safety of personnel and the integrity of the system. There is a built-in alarm system that detects malfunctions, failures, and misoperations. If the system identifies an error, the on-site operator will be alarmed and can step in shortly to amend the situation. Contact us right away if you should need advice with regard to plastic recycling systems and shredding machines.