• Double Cutterhead Configuration Powerful Shredder - SD-24530

Double Cutterhead Configuration Powerful Shredder - SD-24530

Model : SD-24530


  • Double cutterhead configuration, constructed with multiple knives for extremely powerful shredding capacity.
  • The knives are manufactured from special alloy steel, hardened for long service life.
  • Powerful motor combined wit gear box drive for great torque output and ensuring superior shredding performance.
  • The heavy pitch gear are prevision manufactured form special alloy steel, hardened for durability.
  • Oil bath labricated gear box assured smooth running at all tumes.
  • The machine is ruggedly constructed making it ideal for long term operations.
  • Available to fit with a conveyor for delivering the waste to a crusher.
  • Custom specifications are available upon request.
  • Designed for shredding various wastes, such big plastic product, sprue, tire, pallet, wood, electric wire, circuit board, paper product, aluminum can, rubber and plastic products ..etc.


Model Motor Inlet Dimn Spindle No. Knife No.
SD-19510 10~15 500x456 2 25m/m x 18pcs. 30m/m x 15pcs.
SD-19515 15~20 500x606 2 25m/m x 24pcs. 30m/m x 20pcs.
SD-24520 20~30 630x606 2 25m/m x 24pcs. 30m/m x 20pcs.
SD-24530 30~40 630x846 2 30m/m x 28pcs.
SD-29530 40~50 750x726 2 30m/m x 24pcs.
SD-29540 50~60 750x966 2 30m/m x 32pcs. 40m/m x 24pcs.
SD-29550 60~75 750x1206 2 30m/m x 40pcs. 40m/m x 30pcs.
SD-34550 75~100 850x806 2 40m/m x 20pcs. 50m/m x 16pcs.
SD-34560 100~125 850x1206 2 40m/m x 30pcs. 50m/m x 24pcs.
SD-39575 125~150 1000x966 2 40m/m x 24pcs. 60m/m x 16pcs.
SD-395100 150~200 1000x1206 2 40m/m x 30pcs. 60m/m x 20pcs.
SD-395150 200~300 1000x1506 2 50m/m x 30pcs. 60m/m x 25pcs.
* The above specifications are subject to change without prior notice.
* Production rate may be varied with actual operation conditions.