Waste Material Recycling Machine for Vacuum Forming Porducts

WEI SHENG in-line recycling granulator is a type of multi-functional plastic chipper machine primarily used for recovering all kinds of defective products and wastes made by plastic injection, extrusion, air pressure, vacuum, hollow molding (blow bottle), etc.

It processes by the back-front inlet feeding the defective products or wastes for cutting and transforming these wastes from the front material outlet to the molding machine through the conveyor to achieve a circulation of remanufacturing from connecting the recycling process to the production line. For ensuring the security of the operator, the in-line granulator is equipped with an emergency stop button on the controller and a safety system for the movable door to immediately stop the operation when you find the potential problem.

Our in-line granulator is excellent to join Thermoforming machine for PP, PS, GPS, HIPS, OPS, and other plastic molding products for chipping, and it can save labor and manufacturing costs. If you have any questions about the recycling systems and shredding machines, please contact us to help you find the best solution according to your requirements for different materials.