Waste Material Recycling Machine for Vacuum Forming Porducts

Wei Sheng’s plastic recycling granulator is a multi-function plastic chipper machine that usually pairs with a plastic production line, which performs plastic injection molding, extrusion, pressure forming, vacuum forming, or hollow molding, to just name a few. The inline plastic chipper machine collects waste materials and defective products during the process and turns them into raw material (plastic pellets) so that they can be put into use again. Such a process reduces plastic wastes to a large extent.

The plastic chipper has two inlets, the front inlet, and the back inlet, which is where the machine collects plastic wastes and defective products for the recycling process. After the recycling process, the chipper machine sends the material back to the production line through the conveyor for remanufacturing. To ensure the safety of the operating personnel, there is a stop button on the controller of the machine. Operators can push the button to stop the entire process when an emergency takes place and hence eliminate potential risks.

Wei Sheng’s inline granulator is excellent coupling with the thermoforming machine that processes plastic materials including PP, PS, GPS, HIPS, OPS, etc. It is labor-saving and cost-effective. If you should make any inquiries into the recycling system and shredding machines, please contact us right away. Wei Sheng can offer you the best solution that meets your actual requirements.