• Silent Instant Recycling Granulator - WS-260

Silent Instant Recycling Granulator - WS-260

Model : WS-260

Material tank is used together with suction device


  • The rotating knives are replaceable claw type, featuring great shearing force and low noise.
  • Low horsepower required, small footprint for saving installation space, and low power consumption. The granulator can be operated together with a robot for 24 hours continuous operations.
  • Movable outfeed loader permits for operation together with bag filling, storage tank and automatic material suatoin device. Also, can be changed fast to achieve instant recycling.
  • Convenient and fast to change knife, change screen and clean material.


Model WS-260 WS-310
Motor(HP) 2~3 3~5
Infeeding Opening 260x200 310x200
Rotating knives 6 6
Fixed knives

2 2
Machine Dimensions L 750 750
W 600 650
H 1250 1250
Machine Weights(kgs) 250 300
Production Rate kgs/hr 100~150 150~200
Accessories Pushbutton control switches Castors

* * The above specifications are subject to change without prior notice.
* Production rate may be varied with actual operation conditions.

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